AFC — Amateur Field Champion (Requires 10 points with one 3 pt. Major)

                  AKC — American Kennel Club

                  AM — American Kennel Club

                  AX — Agility Excellent (AKC agility title)

                  AXJ — Excellent Jumpers With Weaves (AKC agility title)

                  BIS — Best In Show

                  BISS — Best In Specialty Show

                  CAN — Canadian

                  CERF—Canine Eye Registry Foundation

                  CH — Show Champion (Requires 15 points with two 3 pt. Majors)

                  CD — Companion Dog (AKC obedience title)

                  CDX — Companion Dog Excellent (AKC obedience title)

                  CGC — Canine Good Citizen

                  CKC — Canadian Kennel Club

                  DC — Dual Champion (Show Champion and Open Field Champion)

                  Double Q — Must qualify in both the Standard Class and the Jumpers With Weaves Class at the same agility trial.

                  FC — Field Champion  (Requires 10 points with one 3 pt. Major)

                  FD — Field Dog (CKC hunting title)

                  GCGSPC — Gulf Coast German Shorthaired Pointer Club

                  GSPCA — German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America

                  HOF — GSPCA Hall of Fame

                  HROM — Honorary Registry of Merit for those sires and dams born prior to 1982 and recipients of the Top Producer                                                 award.  Sires that produced minimum of 10 AKC Champions of record and dams that produced minimum of 5

                                      AKC Champions of record will have HROM at the end of their name.          

                  JH — Junior Hunter (AKC hunting title)

                  JWW — Jumpers with Weaves (agility class consisting of all jumps and tunnels)

                  INT’L — International Champion

                  MACH — Master Agility Championship (Requires 750 points, plus 20 double Q’s)

                  Major Ptd. — One win is at least three points                   

                  MH — Master Hunter (AKC hunting title)

                  MX — Master Agility (Requires 10 Agility Excellent B legs)

                  MXJ — Master Agility Jumpers (Requires 10 Agility Excellent B Jumpers with Weaves legs)

                  NA — Novice Agility (AKC agility title)

                  NAJ — Novice Jumpers With Weaves (AKC agility title)

                  NRD — Novice Retrieving Dog (Water test — GSPCA working title)

                  NSC — National Show Champion (Winner of GSPCA National Specialty)

                  OA — Open Agility (AKC agility title)

                  OAJ — Open Jumpers With Weaves (AKC agility title)

                  OFA — Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

                  Ptd. — Points toward Show Championship

                  RD — Retrieving Dog (Water Test — GSPCA working title)

                  RDX — Retrieving Dog Excellent (Water Test — GSPCA working title)

                   ROM — Registry of Merit (Sire of 12 AKC Champions or Dam of 8 AKC Champions)

                   ROMX — Registry of Merit (Sire of 40 AKC Champions or Dam of 12 AKC Champions)

                  ROMXX — Registry of Merit ( Sire of 100 AKC Champions or Dam of 20 AKC Champions)

                  SH — Senior Hunter (AKC hunting title)

                  SKC — States Kennel Club

                  Specialty — A breed specific show

                  STD — Agility class with contact obstacles and pause table

                  U-CDX — United Kennel Club Companion Dog Excellent (UKC obedience title)

                  UD — Utility Dog (AKC obedience title)

                  VC —GSPCA Versatility Certificate

                  VCA — GSPCA Versatility Certificate Advanced

                  VCX— GSPCA Versatility Certificate Excellent


What The Title Abbreviations Mean