We love the German Shorthaired Pointer because of the looks, temperament and versatility of the breed and we are committed to the idea that a better structure makes a better performance dog.  All of our puppies are raised in the house and are extensively socialized with adults, children and birds before they go to their new homes. We always set up a puppy playground in the back yard with toys, tunnels and fun things to climb on for our youngsters to explore.   Our puppies are introduced to birds early and often.


German Shorthaired Pointers are an active breed that need plenty of exercise.  It’s always exciting to have someone purchase one of our pups who is interested in show or performance events so the dog will have “a job” —  and not just in the hunting season.  However, a GSP does very well with a job as a jogging, hiking or bicycling partner, too. We feel very strongly that the best home for a dog is when it is allowed to live in the house with its owner and we will not sell a pup to anyone who plans to confine it exclusively to a kennel run or backyard.


Our contract guarantees that if any of our dogs develop a debilitating hereditary disease, it will be replaced with a puppy from a future litter.  It further guarantees that pups sold as show prospects will be free of disqualifying faults in the breed ring.  Our litters are graded for structure at seven weeks and priced accordingly. The new owners who wish to have pups that we classify as “show/field trial” puppies always get first pick.  We do not make any guarantees that a puppy classified as a “show or field trial” prospect will finish it’s AKC Championship, however we do consider it to be a breeding quality animal.


All of our puppies sold as “hunting/companion/pets” are considered unsuitable for breeding and sold on an AKC Limited Registration.

Limited Registration dogs are ineligible to compete in AKC conformation events, however they may participate in all performance events, including hunting tests, field trials, obedience & rally trials, agility trials, etc.  No offspring from an animal with a Limited Registration may be registered by AKC.  If it is later determined by us that the animal has turned out to be a breeding quality animal we have the option of removing the Limited Registration. We strongly recommend, however, that all animals sold on a Limited Registration be spayed and/or neutered by a qualified veterinarian at an appropriate time.


At the time of purchase, each new owner is given the shot and de-worming record of his/her puppy. All of our pups are sold with a five day health guarantee, during which time we ask that the new owner have his pup examined by his own veterinarian and set up a schedule for future visits.  If the buyer decides to return the pup for any reason during this five day period, the entire purchase price will be refunded.


When we breed a litter or use our stud dog —

Both Sire and Dam must be listed in a Registry recognized by the AKC.

Both Sire and Dam must be a minimum of two years old.

Both Sire and Dam must be either a field or show champion.

Both Sire and Dam must have an OFA certification of good or excellent.

Both Sire and Dam must have a current CERF certification.

Both Sire and Dam must have a current negative brucellosis test.



Breeding Policy